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Believe in Jesus to help you.
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If you, or someone you know is experiencing pains of emotional or mental or have problems, I'd like to help. You can talk to me by message or note. Here's a helpful reading deviation to help understand what I mean:…
It also contains information about God, and how He can help if you wish to read it.

You have a purpose, you just need to find it. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me.

This is a message I'm sending out to everyone in need of help with the problems, emotional and mental pains they are having. It doesn't matter who you are, what race, what kind of person you are, either you're atheist, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, straight or what you have done. Even if you killed someone, please don't be afraid, I want to help you. If we talk I'll keep it between us, so no one else knows. You are never too far away to be saved. I won't judge you. Whether you are in pain from people, have pain on the inside, you cut yourself, or even thinking of or planning on committing suicide. It's never too late to change your mind about something. Never give up on life, even when life seems impossible. I want to help. This isn't a fake, I really do wish to help. You have a purpose, you just need to find it. If you know someone who is looking for help or needs it, tell them about me. My e-mail msn hotmail account is " ".

I'm not "perfect". No one is. If you think you are, you are not. You may be imperfect, but you have something to live for, even if you never know what it is. If we were perfect. We would have no reason to strive for the better, no reason to find that perfectly imperfect person that belongs with you, and no reason to make the future better.

Every-time you feel bad for being imperfect. Think of this.

I'm Fat and Disgusting. I feel Comfortable with my body and Wonderful.

I'm ugly and worthless. I'm Pretty And I have friends who don't think I'm worthless.

No one will ever love me. My family loves me. (Or) It may not be right now, but someone will.

I'm going to cut myself. I'm not going to use a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

I don't have any friends. I have friends and they'll be here for me like I will for them.

I wish I could disappear. I want to make more memories while I'm still alive.

I'm going to kill myself. I'm going to wait 24 hours before I make any irrational choice I might regret later.

My friends are going to beat me up again. If they're hurting me, they aren't my friends.

No one cares about me. There is someone who cares, even if I don't know who.

I'm just a waste of space. I'm not a waste of space, even if my parents tell me otherwise. (Or) People don't think I am, even If I don't realize it.

I'm going to tell that person they're a piece of crap. I'm going to be nice to someone other than my friends for once.

I'm better than everyone at school, they just don't realize it. I'm not better than anyone, just because we're different doesn't mean anything.

I want to shoot the people I hate. Just because I say that doesn't mean I'm serious. (Or) I don't want want to go to prison for making a stupid mistake.

I'm going to drink my problems away. If I do that the problems will still be here when I'm sober again.

My friends want me to smoke so I will too. I'm not going to do something I'm not comfortable with. (Or) Why should I? In the end it can be a waste of time and money. (Or) Just because they do it doesn't me I have too.

He offered me drugs.. I think I'll do them so he'll like me more. I don't need to do that for him to like me. (Or) It won't define who I actually am to others.

If any of these have happened to you. Repeat the positive part to yourself. You may not feel anything the first couple times you say it, but it works. I hope this can help others. If you know someone who else has felt any of these, share this with people you know so that they can share, and hopefully so that someone else knows they're not alone. Remember no one is, no matter how much they think that.

Bad things happen, but you can still live a good life. You always have a reason to live. You were born for a reason, no matter what people say or those bad voices in your head say. Don't let them tell you who you are.

Living this life is important, even to those that may not be here any more. It is important to live your life for them, and remember who they are. They would want you to continue on. If you can't see it then try looking at it from a different perspective.

Hope is everywhere. You can find it in others and even in yourself. Find hope to live for your life. You can find who you truly are.

If you made a mistake in life, don't worry about what you could have done or how it could have happened, we all make mistakes. What you can do is learn from your mistakes and use that information to make you a better person. If something went wrong and you had nothing to do with it, do not blame yourself for it, because you had nothing to do about it. The actions of the other people is what caused it to happen and not you. Even if you could have done something, it does not change what happened. It's better to move on and live the life you have been given.

If you do something constantly and you don't know why, but you don't want to break the habit, then just think about it for a few minutes. Ask yourself "Why am I doing this and do I even like it?" It might help you figure things out.

Do not worry about what others think about your decisions in life. It's your life you decide what happens and do not worry what others think. It's your decision. You make your life the way you want it. But do consider what they tell you.

Don't be afraid to let others help you. I understand that sometimes they do not intend to help you even when they say they do, but if you need help it can help by accepting their offer. But first you may want to get to know the person more before you agree to them. And letting someone help you does not make you weak, it helps you by realizing you need help and you can't do it alone. Sometimes we can't and we need help.

If you don't want to talk to me about your problems then at least talk to someone, I suggest a person you know, it can help you feel better. Also try to focus on what you can do instead of what you can not do.

Don't let your pride get in the way of the right thing that you should do. If you have something to do and you are afraid to do it, but it's the right thing, you should still do it as soon as you can. It's better to do the right thing as soon as you can rather than later. It just might help a person out.

If you need to tell someone something, tell them when you get the chance. Even if you miss the chance, you can still tell them after wards. It is not good to let those feelings build up inside of you. Tell them as soon as you can, you may regret it later if you don't.

If people have tried to help you before, I still like to try, even if you think it's hopeless. It's not hopeless, it can be done by working together and we both try our best to do it. Even if you don't have an interest in Christianity, we don't have to talk about it, or anything church related or religion.

This has more than Christian beliefs in it. I like to use it to help people. You can skip it if you want, but they can help and teach you more interesting things about God than you may know. Christianity is not suppose to prove God exists, it is about believing and having faith.

If you don't believe in Christianity because you wish to believe in evolution, well you can believe in both. For example the length of a day may have not been defined when the Universe was being made, it could have been many, many years. The point of Christianity is to believe in Jesus and let Him change you for the better, while still being yourself.

If you had bad experiences with Christianity, I recommend that you give it another chance. Not all Christians are the same and others are more understanding than some others. You can try a different group of people such as a new church or Christian group. They do not have to be big either. If that doesn't work try again until you find a group of people you like. Find one that will accept you for who you are, the good and the bad. That is how you enter, you enter as yourself, you don't have to change any part of yourself to join a Christian group. All you need to do is be yourself. Find the group that will treat you like that. They are out there, just keep looking.

To accept Jesus and to go to Heaven, it is labeled near the bottom as "To Go to Heaven". By doing this you become a Christian. Read about Heaven, right above it too for more information and below it as well. Almost half way down marked by "How God can change and help you" it shows how God can do those things, but there's still many other ways too.

Words inside the brackets are important too.( )

Heaven and Hell are mentioned just before the mentioning of the "To Go to Heaven" part.

Finding a group of friends who like you for who you are is important. If they can not accept you, you do not have to change so they will. Find a group who accepts you for who you are. You will be happier with them. The same thing works for Christian groups, such as churches, and other different groups too.

Even if you are atheist some of these ideas that deal with Christianity could still help.

If you are stressed, take one day of the week off of any work and relax to help lose any stress and help yourself feel better.

All this here is not all I know. If you have questions feel free to ask me anything, I don't care if it insults my beliefs or me just ask me.

These websites can help you a lot if you do not feel like talking to me. Some have phone numbers if you wish to call them.

If you are a Lesbian/Bisexual/Gay, people have made this site called, The Trevor Project, for people to talk to you about any problems you are having:

Here is the link for the Kids Help Phone site if you wish to talk to them about your problems and they cover a vast amount of different ones:…

If you are depressed and you do not know why, look at this website, it may have answers for you:

This is teen challenge. It's a program that helps with drugs, alcohol abuse and addictions. It's for teens and adults. It helps make a big difference in life. : Canada : USA

If you worry over something, it can create sadness for you. By thinking about how different events could happen it can make you worry. Instead, do not worry about it so much or think about it and just think about what is happening now.

If someone hurts you in anyway, I ask you to forgive them with no conditions. I'm not saying to go up to them and say, "I forgive you." What I'm asking is not to hold a grudge against them. To be honest, holding a grudge does more harm to you then it does them. It makes you miserable and you have no idea why. So please do this for yourself and for the person who has hurt you. Plus when you accept someone as a friend or more, you accept them for the good qualities they have as well as the bad. And even if they do it again please continue to forgive them and try to help them if you want. They could use some help themselves, maybe you can ask them about it.

There is something important to know, especially with relationships, is that love does not hurt a person. If a person is hurt, then the action was not loving. Love is kind, patient, does not keep a record of mistakes, and is trusting. A person may not keep all of these things in mind and makes a mistake, but it would be best to give them another chance. People do make mistakes and if they do care they wouldn't want to do it again. It's up to you if you wish to still trust them. You can still love someone as a friend and not something more if you like.

If there's one thing in life I have learned it is this. You have your hopes and dreams for a reason. You should never give up even if the situation is hopeless. There's always hope out there. Even if you fail, you got to keep on trying again, again and again and never quit. Learn from your mistakes to improve yourself for your future. God has a plan for us all with a purpose. It is not suffering, but God uses suffering to help us grow into a better person than we were before. Always look for that light of hope in the darkness and in the bad times you might be in. Let it help you and give you strength to keep on living. Ask God to help you and Believe He will. He is the "Light in the darkness" and He always listens and never treats anyone differently no matter what they have done. He has a purpose for everyone. Even if you are suffering, there is a purpose for you. There's always hope, it's never lost or too far away. It is here and all around us, sometimes you just need to look for it.

I encourage you to read the bible for yourself. It can help you understand it yourself and possibly correct anyone who might be mistaken. Ask for the Holy Spirit to come into you to help you understand the bible. The bible has historically accurate details about the past and the way the world is, just look for them. It may take a while, but they are there. There are online bibles to read. Here is one with many different versions and languages. Choose the one that will suit you. NIV(New International Version) is recommended because its translation may be better suited for you. Some versions, this site has, even has audio bibles to listen to:

If you are reading this, I just want to say I sorry for any pain that you might have went through. I understand it hurts. I you might just want to end your life because of it. But I written this to ask you not to. Please. All you would be doing is ending a temporary problem with a permanent solution. I know it's tough, but it's true. Also, all of your friends and family will wonder why you did it. They will have to go through the pain of losing you and could even do the same thing with themselves. They care about you, even if they said they don't, even if you think they don't, they do. Please don't do it. Not just for them, but for yourself. You got so much to live for. Your whole life is waiting for you. Sure there will be rough times, but life will be like that. Also life will have amazingly wonderful times. You just need to go and look for them. You are special. Everyone is special. God made you for a purpose. He cares about you more than anyone you'll ever meet. Even if you not hurting this much, but your still hurting. Please tell someone about it and see if they can help. I wrote this to help you. You can talk to me too. Just write a comment to me and if you want this private we can send notes to each other. I'll do my best to help you. All you need to do is let me. If not me, let someone else know of your troubles. I know God will want you to. I believe He wants me to help you. Just allow me to. Don't be afraid I won't tell anyone else about this if you want it private. I'll understand if you might be afraid though. I hope to talk to you soon. God will forgive you for anything you have done. If you need help ask Him for it. Pray and ask for him to help you and admit that you can't do it alone and can't change alone. He will help no mater what, even if you haven't accepted Him. Doesn't matter if you even killed someone. He will forgive you, He forgives you now and it helps you to admit you sins to Him and ask for them to be forgiven. He will do it.

God wants you to come to Him just as you are. That means you can go to church without changing yourself. Changes can happen afterwards, but you can choose whether to change or not. It's your life, you decide what you do.

To pray to God just talk to God by talking to Him. You can start by saying "Dear God" and ending with "Amen" if you want. He will answer if you believe He will and you can talk to Him about anything. And I do mean anything. Prayer is a time to ask God for help and to thank Him or just simply talking to Him. If you do ask Him for something just keep this in mind. He has a plan for you and sometimes His answer to your prayer is no. But do not worry, He has a plan for you that is infinitely better then yours, you just need to find out what it is, follow it and it will help.

God wants us to believe in Him by choice, not by force.

God is sometimes blamed for many things in life and asked why doesn't He fix it. But maybe we should ask ourselves this question: Why don't we fix it? People do have choices to help others.

God's love is unconditional. He does ask us to do something at times, but we can choose if we wish to do it. He lets us make our lives the way we want it. Some people may say something different, but God doesn't want to force us into something we can not handle. He knows what we can and can not do. He cares for us everyday.

This has more than Christian beliefs in it. I like to use it to help people. You can skip it if you want, but they can help and teach you more interesting things about God than you may know.

Christianity is really meant for people who don't believe in Jesus. People who are Christians have accepted Jesus and can help spread Christianity to others. That way other people can accept Jesus and be saved from their sins(the bad things you have done) and go to Heaven. He does this because the punishment for sin is death. He wants to save us from that, so when we die we will still live on with a new life in Heaven with Him.

If you were forced to go to church by your parents or guardians, it could not have been because they wanted you to go, but because they didn't want to leave you alone at home.

God wants to be with you in your life. He wants to help you through your troubles and be by your side. Ask Him and He will. Pray to Him and He will answer according to His will and He wants to help us all. It does not have to be long, it can be short and all you got to do is talk to Him. Just find some time alone to speak to Him. God works in many mysterious and wondrous ways. He doesn't always do things the way we think He does things. But He does it in a way that's better than we think, even if we don't think so at first. Sometimes He does say no, but there is always a good reason for it and it's not to hurt us, but to help us grow. Not everything He does always makes sense to us, because we are not perfect. But don't worry, God is perfect and has a perfect plan that involves you and everyone else in this world and beyond.

Christianity is not a religion. A religion is people getting close to God. Christianity is God coming to us.

Who is God:
God is the creator of everything, the world, the universe, and Heaven. He created us and everything around you and made each one of us different. We are God's master piece. He doesn't cause bad things to happen and doesn't make anyone do anything against their will. God allows us to do what we want. He knows everything about you, the good and the bad things you have done, what you will do next and what will happen to you next before you even know about it. Nothing is a secret from God. But He does not judge you by what you have done or in any way. He understands everything and you do not have to explain yourself. Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit it too. They are the same in three different forms. God is the Father, Jesus is the Son, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God. He always listens and never treats anyone differently no matter what they have done. Jesus came to Earth to save us from our sins. He died on the cross to take our punishment, which is death, for our sins, so we may live with Him forever in Heaven. The reason He has done this is because He is perfect, because He has lived a life without doing anything wrong, living through all the problems that you and me have today.

It doesn't take much to be saved. All you need is a little faith, you don't need a huge amount, just as much as a small child has. All you need to do is accept that Jesus is who He said He is, accept Him as your Personal Saviour and that He has come to save you. Below is how to go to Heaven marked by "To go to Heaven". If you want to do it.

God made who you really are. And He loves us just because He made us. We are his and He made us special. Don't listen to people who put you down, most likely they are afraid of who you really are, so they put you down to keep that from you. The only thing that matters is what God thinks of us. And He loves you no matter what you do or have done, even the bad things you've done, you are special in His eyes.

One thing to remember is don't be afraid. It's alright to be afraid, but fear can hold you back and make you do things you don't want to, don't let it. Asking God to help can help you break free from fear.

One thing you can do is to pray to God about it. God does not punish you for the wrong things you have done, he helps us. The bad things that happens is caused by others and by the devil's ways. Believe God will help and He will. He wants to be with you to help you through your problems, to be next to you for the good and bad times. You may not see Him, but He is there. To help understand God's word/the bible and messages given by people about God, ask the Holy Spirit into your heart and the Holy Spirit will give you the power to understand.

How God can change and help you:
If you want to change you life, you should know it's hard to do it on your own. By asking God to help you change, you can change your life in many ways with God helping you. Also admitting to God that you need Him to change pleases Him. He loves to hear us ask for his help, so don't be afraid to. God will forgive us even if we repeat the same mistakes over and over again, so don't be afraid of asking for forgiveness. He will take away your guilt and you will not have to bare it, you can just let it go. You can ask Him to help you resist your bad habits and help keep it that way. Remember changing is very difficult on your own and you should not let your pride get in the way of getting help. Christians can help spread the word in any way they see fit, but they should know not to force people to change. They should tell people about God and let God take over from there. People need to decide for themselves to change or not.

Even if you don't have an interest in Christianity, prayer is still an important thing you can do. It can help you feel good about something that's troubling you. It helps you believe that someone is watching over you. Prayer is one way of talking to God, you can tell Him anything and ask Him to help you with your problems. He asks us to let Him help us and to do what we can to help with it. In the end it will be worth it. If you have a problem bring it up with God, He will help you and everyone. It doesn't matter what you've done or who you are, He will help. All you need to do is ask Him to and believe He will help. The way He answers prayers isn't the way we think He does, but when He does, we will be amazed the way He does and you may not recognize it right away either, but you will recognize it when you do. He does say no sometimes, but he has a good reason to. He always has a better plan than our own, even if ours is the best plan we have. He also answers prayers through people and the way things that happen coincidentally is a way of God helping us.

A way to help yourself, try following these steps one by one to help regain your happiness and joy. Try by going reading the first step, doing it then continue on like that. It can help, helped me.

Inside the brackets are important too.

1. Admit to yourself you have lost your happiness and joy.

2. Think about what caused it. (This might be painful, but it's important to know exactly what happened to figure out how to fix it.)

3. Make right anything that you've might have done wrong.

4. Count your good points in life or blessings. (I know that you have good points in your life, even if you don't think so. There's ups and downs in life, good times and bad times. One thing to remember is that things can always be worse even if it keeps on getting worse.)

5. Spend time with God. (Ask Him to help you by praying.)

6. Start to do good things for others. (This can make you happy inside.)

7. Share your faith. (If you don't want to believe in God it's your choice. This can help though.)

God wants to help, so we can spread the word of Him and more people will live with Him. He wants to show us the great wealth of his grace and love He has for us.

Heaven is mentioned as this perfect place with God. I don't know exactly what it's like, but I believe it's a perfect place to be that's beyond our imagination where we will be happy forever. Going to Heaven means you will be living with God forever and ever. You share a home with God, you get a new body and live without pain and suffering. You live with others who love God and it's not going to be boring or like a church service. It's nothing like what it is like on Earth. You do this by accepting Jesus, and it is labelled below as "To go to Heaven". Another thing to remember is you have to die first to go to Heaven. But God wants us to live our lives for Him, so we can help others, like friends, family and more people, do the same and accept Jesus and go to Heaven. Anyone can go to Heaven. Even people who have murdered people or have done bad things can go. They just need to do the same thing, said just above, and they will go to Heaven. Jesus had two criminals next to Him when He died and one of them realized and that Jesus came to save us from our sins and that He's done nothing wrong. He believes that Jesus is the Son of God. He accepted Jesus and Jesus replied "you will be with Me in Heaven today". I said "believes" because I believe the criminal is living in Heaven today. The good deeds we do in this life give us rewards in Heaven. How it affects our time there is unknown to me. But I believe it would be something we can not think of.

Check out this real life story about Heaven, watch the video:

If you are wondering why God does what He does or did what He did, it's because He thinks differently from all on us and his ways are not our ways. He does not punish us, but He can use events to help us grow into a better person, if we allow Him to. We should keep believing He has control and we should not do anything that would make things worse for us.

Hell, is a place where people go if they do not accept Jesus before they die. Hell is total separation from God. And without God you would also lose the good feelings and everything you enjoyed. God provides much more then we know. God doesn't send people there, they chose not to accept God, so they don't go to Heaven. Some people have said that it wouldn't be as bad because their friends might be there. Something they should know is Hell is a place where your worst fears come true and you experience the worst pain ever. Odds are you won't even see your friends if they are there, because the devil wants you to suffer as must as possible. It's a scary thing and not everyone believes in it, but it's something I believe to be real.

"To go to Heaven"
The words do not matter. What matters is your attitude/feelings/thoughts about Jesus. The words below starting with(All you need to do is believe in God) is an example of how people accept Jesus and their attitudes.
By doing this you become a Christian.
Inside the brackets are important too( ).
All you need is a little faith. The amount of faith as a young child would have. Faith means trust/believing.
You can do this because you want to go to Heaven and you wish to live with Jesus forever, and there can be many other reasons.

All you need to do is believe in God. Turn away from your sins(the bad things you have done). Believe that Jesus is the Son of God, pray to God and ask him to forgive you for the sins you have done and still will do, accept His Son, Jesus, as your personal Saviour(or Savior depending how you spell the word)(knowing that He has saved you from your sins), accept Him as your Lord(Knowing that you give Him rule over your life, so he can influence you more to do His work, but you still control your life), accept Jesus into your life, and pray your prayer in Jesus' name, amen. And doing this knowing that you want to live a life for Him.

Turning away from your sins is a great way to help you discover a new person in yourself you may not even know. Odds are you will still do sinful things, but God can help you with those too and will forgive you.

Accepting Jesus is the only way to go to Heaven. You become a Christian by doing so. And what Christianity is about, is having a relationship with Jesus, one that is between you and Him. Just to warn you though, Christians can be sometimes treated badly, because of their beliefs. In some countries Christians are even treated worse than anywhere else. They do this because they don't understand their beliefs or they are just like that, because they hate God. Sometimes they do actions such as these as an act for God, when it really isn't. They say that, but it really isn't because they do not understand Christianity and the bible. People who hate God can also hate Christians. There are people who do accept Christians as who they are. If you have already accepted Jesus don't worry about this, God will help you. Just ask God for help with your troubles through prayer and He will. I'm not trying to scare you, just warning you, but in the end it will be worth it. Another thing God does care about everyone, and sometimes it is a good idea to keep your beliefs hidden from some people that may hurt you, but you don't lie about not believing if you do believe in God. That says something about your beliefs if you truly trust God. It can say that you don't trust Him. God will help you if you are in trouble, just ask by praying.

Suffering is something that happens because of sin. It could be caused by others, bad things happening or even by our own doing. Yes you can cause suffering to yourself by the things you do and you don't know it. But suffering can help us grow. We can learn from the mistakes we have made and what others have made to help us grow into a greater person. God can use suffering to help us grow and rely on Him more. He doesn't cause the suffering, but He is stronger when we need his help, all we need to do is ask and try our best to help with it too, God will do the rest.

Jesus wants us to live our lives for Him. You can do this by spreading the word about God to your friends, family, and more people if you like. It's one of the things God asks us to do, but it is your choice. You can do this by your own way. I'm using the internet to help spread the word about God. Use your talents God has gifted/given you to help spread the word. Help them find the way to God, so they can be in Heaven too. But please be careful how you teach. Some people do not wish to hear about God, either they had a bad experience with Christianity, they wish to simply not hear it or they have other reasons. It's better not to push someone to listen, it's better to let them choose to hear it for themselves.

Accepting Jesus is only the start of it. He still wants you to grow more in faith and learn more about Him. He also wants us to bring more people into knowing Him, including friends and family. You can just simply talk about God with people you know, it's not as hard as it seems. You can ask God for help with prayer.

If you want to look for a church for you, the first thing you can do is pray God will help you. Churches are not there to judge you, so you don't have to feel like you are being judged before entering it.

If you are looking for a church you should know that a church is not a building, it is the people who believe in God. If you have been rejected by a church then it wasn't one for you. Keep looking for one that suits you. Church can help your life in many ways. It can help you know yourself much more than you have before, help you build strong relationships among people, and even help you love people like Jesus has and still does. The church you should go to should help you stay motivated to your faith and help you grow more in your faith. That church should help you discover what God wants you to do with your life and figure out what you can do to help others know God more. God has given us gifts for the purpose of that, we just need to figure out a way to use them for God. To choose a church you will want to examine it's own way of faith, see if it will go well with your own. Everyone has their own kind of faith and ways in life. Examine how the church gives thanks to God/worship/praise, see if it's your own style. It can be singing, helping at church, and much more. Even doing what you like for God is a form of praise, that's using your gifts for Him. Learn about it's way of bringing people to God and if you would like to be a part of it. Next learn more about the way they get along with each other, see if it's a group of people you would like. Don't judge by one person, see more than one person at the church.

If you want to help someone follow these steps to do so:

-Listen to the what the person has to say about themselves.

-say helpful words to help or just talk to them, but keep it simple and helpful.

-Be aware of your limitations or how much you can handle.

-Comfort those who are suffering and in pain.

-Accept who they are.

-Let them know telling someone helps them with the problem.

-Pray for them and about the problem.

-Use a plan of ideas and actions to help them.

-Keep everything to yourself and don't tell others about it, unless you think it is needed for and life threatening thing, like suicide.

Ask me anything about Christianity, how I can help and anything else if you want. Don't worry about insulting me or my beliefs because I will not mind. I want to help and I'm not here to judge.

Here is a movie I would recommend for anyone who is depressed or wants to know more about God. It can help a lot and is based on a true story. Website is here:

Below are video Links. One is a song called "Lean on Me", it's a great song for people who are going through troubles. Give it a try. The other will show you how God can help you. If not direct, it will be through people. It's about God helping a person with their own problems. You need to let Him help you, so He can.

Helpful songs that can help you feel better:

Lean on Me song:…

If We Hold On Together Song:…

This video shows you how God can help you with your problems and everything. It's about God helping a person with their own. And I mean it. You need to let Him help you, so he can.


Give credit to the people who made this video. Remember God can help you. If not direct, it will be through people

If you have any ideas on how to improve this, let me know.

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Thank you all for the watches and favourites.:)

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33-year-old's mysterious disappearance. Family members of Crystal Ratvay made a special plea for information to help them find the Abbotsford woman. Here's the link for info:…

Risukurosaki needs financial help. She is doing commissions. Here's the link for more info:…

Hey check out the ice bucket challenge that is helping spread awareness of ALS. Here's the link for info:…

illegal-spyro-fan needs some financial help. Here's the link for details and ways to help: illegal-spyro-fan.deviantart.c…

Amber Alert for Amish girls, 
Police in northern New York searching for Fannie Miller and Delila Miller. Here's the Link for info:…

Veldty needs financial help with a sick cat. Here's the link for info:…

Fundraising to help find missing boy and grandparents. Here's the link for info:…

Help find a missing boy and his grandparents. Here's the link for info:…

Help a person's friend with money problems. Here's the link for info:…

Help Find missing Toronto girl. Here's the link for info:…

Help a family free their brother, who is a journalist, from a Egyptian prison, for crimes without any proof. Here's some links for info and petition:……

Help stop the needless violence against women in India. Here's the link for info:…

KING--K9 is looking for commissions to help pay for her rent. Here's the link for more information:…
Developing real life story of how a man may lose his home in New Jersey with out a reason given. Here's the link for details:…

Ironicaiily has so many issues to deal with. She is doing what she can to help. Here's the journal for more info so you too can help:…

There is a Facebook Page who posts a lot of Dragon Pictures. If you find anything that belongs to you. It may have been posted without permission.

Please put this as your journal if you know or love someone who is gay, lesbian, or bi.
A wish that people will soon understand, that being gay/les/bi is not a disease nor a choice!
People who are gay/les/bi are not looking for a cure but acceptance and equal rights. 93% won't copy and paste this.

Will you make it your journal entry for at least one hour?
Promote love and acceptance. Stop the hate!

Pakistani couple sentenced to death for a blasphemous text message, does not seem right to me. Here's the link:…

AilwynRaydom is having some financial issues. Here's a link for commissions she is doing to help her:…

Help a family who has been taken advantage of in the make of their home while one member is paralysed. Here's the link for info and donation to fix their home:

Help children in Syria. Here's the link for info:…

Shadoitos is having financial problems and a lot of misfortunes in his life. He's doing commissions to make things better, here is the link with more information:…

YooMe is raising money to help her and her daughter in the abusive situation. Click the links for her journal on commissions:…
And for more information about their situation and how to help:

Help people and families stay safe during a time of war in their country. Here's the link for info and donation options:

Help some Adducted people get home safely. Here's the link for info:

A group of artists are having auctions and commissions done to help raise money to help pay for dedizenoflight cancer treatment. Here is the link for details:…

Toa-Lagara is doing point and money commissions to help with her financial issue. Here's the link for info:…

Help families in Syria during their crisis. Here's the link with details:…

This is a petition to help stop raptists from escaping prision by marrying their victims(if they are a minor) in Moroccan. Here's the link for it and more information:…

There is a hacker going around and this one is a bad one.... -.- if he hacks your account he will post pornographic pictures on your page. And he will delete all of your watchers and he will write a journal saying "I hate you all. Go die" please if something were to happen to me please understand that I got hacked. As you all know I would never go and tell all of you I hated you all. I love all of my friends to bits. Please spread this around because if he knows you know about him he might not hack you' 

Help a boy who can not blink figure what the problem is. Here's the Link for information and donation: Helping bring clean water to those who need it. Click the Link for information and donations.

Help out the victims of the Typhoon disaster in Philippines. Here's the Links: Donations:…

Send rescue request through Text (SMS):

Girl raped by men and criminals are punished to mow the lawn. Here's the link for info and petition for a better punishment:…

AnarchyWulf is having a fund raiser for a charity called Random Acts. Check this link for details:…

Hey check this out. It gives a good message about promises:…

Twin-Tail is doing commissions to help with financial issues. Here's the Link for information:…

Help a girl who is being sentenced to being wiped because she was raped. Here's the link for the petition and more information:…

Sign a petition to help women who are being raped by the authorities of their country. Here's the Link:…

This Deviant's friend is in a bad financial problem. Please help out, here's the link for info:…

Sign Petition to help stop violence against women in India:…

Join The Campaign To End Deaths From The Sickness Malaria Here:…

Happy New Year Everyone. Live life with all your being. Use all of your Heart, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Body/Actions, and Emotions to live it.

AstralCookie is doing commissions so he can make some money to get through next month. Here's the link with…

Red-Cross is raising money for the victims of Super Storm Sandy. Here's a link for information and donation link:…

Artha-Amberose is doing commisions to help raise money to help him financially. Here's some links for information:………

Artist doing wonderful graphics and web layout for money to help pay off his tuition fees. Here's the Link:…

Artist doing art for people to raise money for prostate cancer. Here's the Link:…

These two artists are doing commissions to make money that they need. Here's the journal with their links:…

Petition to help Pakistan girls go to school:…

Help keep a bank, that helps millions of poor people, from getting over thrown. Here's the link for the petition and details:…

*pasted from another deviants Journal*
Rumor has it there's a hacker on dA, hacking people and blocking our friends to make them block us! You'll then be banned from dA.
Write the same warning in your journal to protect not only yourself but everyone! Here's another warning: If I'm being a jerk, saying stuff like "Shut up," "Get lost", or "I don't want to see you on my page anymore", that's not really me. That's the hacker.
Write all of this down in your journal too!
Please do this, it's for the safety of everyone!
Forward this message before someone gets hurt!

A family is being forced out of their home in Montreal. He's the link for the information and how to help:…

This is a campaign to help the children of Africa with all the many terrible things they live through, such as poverty. Here's the link for info:…

Undiscover-feelings is looking for commissions to raise money for a Myopia Surgery. Here's the link for details: undiscover-feelings.deviantart…

IceKrystal needs money for her and her family. Here's the link for information about it and ways to help:…

Help stop the deforestation of the amazon in Brazil. Here's the link for the petition and info:…

Help a password privacy act go through. Here's the link for info and petition:…

This person is raising money to help pay hospital bills for her father. Here's the link for details:…

This woman is dying and needs money for surgery. Here's the link for info and how to help:…

Another internet law that allows government agents to look what you do online. Here's the link for the petition and info:…

Here is another internet bill that will allow companies to share private information about users to the government. Here's the link for the petition and info:…

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